Executive Courses

Upskilling Your Workforce through TDSI’s Executive Courses

TDSI’s Executive Courses in domain-specific disciplines in systems thinking and systems engineering under its Continuing Professional Education aim to upskill the Singapore workforce in both defence and public sectors in alignment with the nation’s advocacy for lifelong learning. Participants benefit tremendously from these courses with our highly experienced instructors from the defence technology community and/or academic institutions, imparting valuable topical knowledge and sharing practical real-world case studies to enhance their learning. Participants’ application of the newly acquired knowledge and skills will strengthen the capabilities and value-add to their respective affiliated organisation.

TDSI’s Executive Course “Military Navigation Systems Workshop” for Singapore’s Defence Technology Sector

Given the critical importance of navigation in modern military systems and operations that leverages on smart technologies, access to reliable navigation data is imperative while denying them to adversaries during military operations. The executive course on “Military Navigation Systems Workshop” aims to highlight the vulnerabilities in military navigation systems under different deployment scenarios, and share potential corresponding counter-measures. Participants from the defence technology community were appreciative of the knowledge gained from the workshop and acknowledged that the learning was highly relevant and impactful to their current field jobs/ projects. This workshop is well-recognised by the Professional Engineers Board and qualified for 6 Professional Development Units.

TDSI’s Executive Course “Systems Engineering and Analysis of Emerging Advanced Technologies for Defence Applications”

It is important for the Singapore defence forces to be at the frontier and be knowledgeable about emerging technologies for defence applications. The executive course on “Systems Engineering and Analysis of Emerging Advanced Technologies for Defence Applications” aims to present concepts and methods for engineering and analysing emerging advanced technologies, that include artificial intelligence and directed energy weapons, for defence applications. Course participants from the defence technology community have learnt and gained insights from the course that introduced concepts in complexity theory, strategic thinking, technology assessment, systems engineering and systems analysis. Course participants were appreciative that the learning gained have value-added to their current work with their primary affiliated organisations in the defence eco-system.