Words from Graduates

Words from Graduates

Hear what our graduates have to say about the MDTS Programme

Hear what our graduates have to say about the MDTS programme

kang hao

The MDTS programme gave me an opportunity to take a sabbatical and recharge, while pursuing my professional interest in a technology-related discipline (Systems Engineering at NPS). The well-designed curriculum was rigorous with classroom-based learning, field trips and lab-based assignment. The enriching experiences at both the NUS and NPS phases opened doors for me to try something different, expand my professional networks and build new friendships. At work, the breadth of the programme with emphasis on systems thinking has helped me to better ‘connect the dots’ across various domains, and apply the practical insights gained. I cherish the many fun and unique moments in this chapter of my life. Of course, being able to go on road trips during the term breaks was the icing on the cake 🙂

Tan Kang Hao

MDTS 2018

Tan Choon Seng Leon Mark

Education in the MDTS programme is only a part of the equation; it’s the engagement and openness in discussions that will breed new ideas, initiating new sparks to ensure that we innovate to bring technologies into the defence arsenal.

The interaction during the overseas phase helps to bring the local defence community even closer. We were able to solve complex problems holistically from a system perspective and deliver the most optimal solution to build a stronger and more resilient Singapore. MDTS is the vehicle to bring all of us together within the defence ecosystem, delivering cutting edge technology for Singapore.

Tan Choon Seng Leon Mark

MDTS 2016

ST Engineering, MDTS 2016

Elizabeth Heng

The MDTS programme provides a systems perspective of key defence technology areas and an opportunity for in-depth study on a specialisation area. These are invaluable in enhancing the knowledge and experience gained from work. The lecturers in the TDSI segment are dedicated and generous in sharing their experiences from many years of working in their respective fields. The lecturers in the NPS segment complement what was taught in TDSI with deeper insights in the area of specialisation — the communications systems track in my case. Overall, the MDTS programme was a unique experience which allowed me to enrich myself academically, while building lasting relationships with course mates from other parts of the defence ecosystem and other countries. It enabled me to take a step back from everyday work life, see previous experiences through new eyes, and re-focus myself to meet future challenges.

Kudos to the TDSI team for putting together an excellent programme!

Elizabeth Heng

MDTS 2012


Ang Teo Hong

The well-designed MDTS has given me an excellent foundation across a diverse range of subjects and I had the opportunity to specialise in a subject of my choice. The programme also offers numerous opportunities to work on collaborative projects and these have helped me to forge close friendships with my course mates who were from the defence community

Ang Teo Hong

SAF Air Force, MDTS 2009

Adam Mark Matthews

In TDSI, we engage in numerous project work and experiment in an environment that induces multi-disciplinary interactions, which we can expect to encounter in the real world. We also exchange relevant experiences and discuss issues we encounter at work. And it’s great that TDSI has an international faculty with lecturers from Singapore, Australia, and United States.

Adam Mark Matthews

MDTS 2009

United States Navy, MDTS 2009

The technical knowledge and overarching view of military systems I have acquired from the MDTS programme is applicable to my work. The programme has made me more observant and to think more critically about not just technology but also processes, organisation and strategies for a more effective defence force. I was also able to draw on the different skill sets of my classmates, who were from the defence community, to complement my own research.

Regine Oh

MDTS 2006


Tan Peng Soon

The MDTS is an excellent programme that continues to strengthen the strategic partnership between MINDEF/SAF and Singapore Technologies Engineering Limited. It brings together the military, research, academia and industrial communities and facilitates close operations- technology integration in the defence ecosystem.

Tan Peng Soon

MDTS 2003

ST Engineering, MDTS 2003

Ittai Avital

From its inception, the MDTS programme really did provide not only a breadth of defence related subject matter, but more importantly, tied it all together by stressing a systems planning approach. Personally, being the only student foreign to both countries, it provided a great opportunity to enrich my view of life in general with an intimate understanding of different cultures.

Dr Ittai Avital

MDTS 2002

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