About TDSI

About TDSI

Temasek Defence Systems Institute

Temasek Defence Systems Institute

is a strategic alliance between two eminent institutions:

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National University of Singapore (NUS)

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US Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)

TDSI was established on 11 July 2001 to provide the platform to bring together military staff and defence technologists in an education and research environment.


A premier educational institute for nurturing systems thinkers and thought-leadership in systems thinking in defence and security.


To nurture systems thinkers and leaders to advance Singapore’s defence capabilities.


To develop our graduates into more than a leader:

Decision Maker

with sound understanding of the complexity of a 21st century defence force

Systems Thinker

who cuts across boundaries to create maximum leverage through integration of operations and technology

Problem Solver

who analyses and synthesizes information to implement innovative solutions to add value to the community

Ethical Leader

who shapes the way how an organisation is managed based on recognised principles and values for the common good


who implements well-considered policy on a national scale