Continuing Education

Continuing Education

The Temasek Defence Systems Institute (TDSI) organises and conducts continuing education programmes for organisations and members of the public. These are full-time residential programmes that aim to deepen domain-specific knowledge in defence systems and technology topics, as well as knowledge in systems and project management.

Organisations may approach TDSI to customise programmes for their employees. They may also encourage their employees to subscribe to our public continuing education seminars and programmes.

Curated catalogue of industry-relevant courses

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Executive Courses

Knowledge-building public programmes

These programmes aim to help participants gain professional knowledge and learn best practices in specific domain areas. The knowledge gained will benefit the participants in terms of career progression.

Be inspired and seize the opportunity to pick the expert’s brains on their panoramic and in-depth view of managing real-world complex problems.

  • Jump Start on Data Mining
  • Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems and the Internet of Things
  • Network Science: Embracing Complexity in the Age of Connectivity
  • Data Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Understanding System Safety
  • Systems and Statistical Thinking for Operational Excellence
  • Internet of Things and Data Analytics for Industry
  • Military Navigation Systems Workshop

Customised Courses

Programmes tailored to organisation needs

These programmes aim to enhance specific areas of knowledge for employees. Your staff can learn from the experts as they impart their knowledge on overcoming multifaceted challenges in challenging environments.

Please approach our staff if your organisation is keen on a customised programme. Upon preliminary discussion, we will arrange a meeting with you to understand and identify your organisation’s needs.

Topics of Customised Courses:
  1. “Fundamentals of Systems Engineering”
  2. “Productivity Training for Managers: Systems Approach to Productivity Improvement”
  3. “System Approach to Project Management”
  4. “Penalty Test using Stress-Strength Model”
  5. “Determination of Munitions CEP through Small Sample Size”
  6. “Cybersecurity Management Course”
  7. “Six Sigma Master Black Belt Training Workshop”
  8. “Quality Management Programme”
  9. “Data Analytics and Machine Learning”
  10. “Business Analytics Programme”
  11. “Systems Design and Improvement Expert Programme”
  12. “Large Scale Systems Engineering”
  13. “Systems Reliability-Availability-Maintenance Engineering Programme”
Clients of Customised Courses (in alphabetical order):
  1. 1000Sprouts
  2. Advanced Material Engineering
  3. Changi Airport Group
  4. Defence Cyber Organisation, MINDEF
  5. DSO National Laboratories
  6. Ministry of Home Affairs
  7. Ministry of Transport
  8. Public Utilities Board
  9. SMRT Corporation
  10. SP PowerGrip
  11. ST Kinetics
  12. Sun Yat-Sen University

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