Guide for International Applicants

Guide for
International Applicants

Immigration Matters

1. Offer of Admission

International students who are successful in gaining admission to the full- time MSc programme must note that their offer of admission is conditional upon the successful application of their student passes.


The Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA) has implemented a web-based system for student pass application called the “Student Pass On-line Application & Registration” (SOLAR). When full-time international students have been offered admission to our programme, the University will proceed with the student pass application via SOLAR and also write to inform candidates how to complete the application process at their end. After candidates accept the offer through SOLAR, ICA will process the application.

3. Candidates from countries who require a visa

For candidates from countries who require a visa to enter Singapore, the University will be applying for the visa cum student pass via SOLAR. If the student pass application is approved, the In-principle Approval (IPA) letter, which also serves as a single-journey entry visa will be sent to the relevant candidates. This letter and the valid passport must be presented to the Duty Officer at the Immigration checkpoint upon arrival in Singapore.

4. Candidates from a non-visa required country

For candidates from a non-visa required country (e.g. USA), you can collect the approval letter at the point of registration with the University.

5. Application for Student Pass

On your arrival in Singapore, you will be given a Social Visit Pass for a minimum of 2 weeks at the airport or point of entry. You may be asked to show your Letter of Admission. After registering as a student and obtaining your student registration card, you must apply for a Student Pass at the following centre:

Immigration & Checkpoints Authority

(ICA) ICA Building
4th Storey, 10 Kallang Road
Singapore 208718
Contact: 63916100

  • Make an e-appointment at the ICA website before going to ICA Building
  • Your passport will be returned within 1-2 weeks
  • Bring along your Letter of In-Principle Approval (withTemasek Defence Systems Institute’s endorsement)
  • Some applications for student pass may take a longer duration to process. In some instances, the processing time may take up to 6 weeks. For such situations, the candidate’s Social Visit Pass will be extended by ICA accordingly.

6. Application for Social Visit Pass

Please note that spouses and/or children of international M.Sc. students are not sponsored by the University for their VISA applications. Application of their Social Visit Pass (SVP) has to be made directly at the Visitor Services Centre, 4th floor Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and a bond is required. The amount of the bond is to be established by ICA. Student must have already obtained a Student Pass issued by the ICA at the time of application. A local sponsor (Singapore Citizen/Permanent Resident) is required in order to apply for a SVP for spouse and/or children. The SVP granted will normally be for up to a maximum period of 6 months. It is renewable, subject to ICA’s approval.

7. Immigration Matters

Details on immigration matters can be found at the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website.


The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) will provide assistance in locating suitable accommodation. Information on how to apply for accommodation will be mailed to students after they have been offered a place at NUS. More details are available on their website

Estimated Cost of Living

An International student can expect to incur the following monthly expenses excluding course fees:

Expenditure (per month) Single
NUS Graduate Student Residences
On-campus: PGPR Graduate Student Apartments

Off-campus Private Accommodation
Room Rental
Apartment Rental

S$1000 - S$2000

S$600 - S$1000
S$3000 upwards
University Canteens / Food Courts
Meals Outside Campus

S$300 - S$400
S$500 - S$700
Books / Supplies
Depends on course of study

S$150 - S$200
Public bus / MRT

S$150 - S$200
Personal Expenses
Toiletries, clothing, groceries, entertainment, etc

S$500 - S$600
Miscellaneous Fees (subject to review)
Medical Insurance

S$65 per semester

Note: The costs have been derived based on a conservative estimate for a reasonably comfortable lifestyle. The actual amount could be higher or lower depending on the individual student’s expenditure and lifestyle patterns.