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Why Ukrainian Global Positioning System (GPS)-Guided Bombs/Rockets are Missing Targets as per “Pentagon-Leaks” and Possible Quick-Fixes
(On GPS jamming/spoofing/meaconing techniques and countermeasures)


Click here for recent leaked reports from Ukraine/Pentagon-Leaks suggest Ukrainian GPS-guided bombs and guided rockets are missing targets of late with high frequency due to alleged Russian Interference on GPS. This becomes a major Ukrainian concern when munitions run low. There are also reports of pervasive Russian jamming/spoofing GPS around Moscow after recent drone attacks on Kremlin and Ukrainians crashing Russian drones with GPS Spoofing.

This 1.5-hour Navigation-Warfare workshop discusses:

  • How GPS jamming/spoofing/meaconing work, and how it affects performance of GPS-guided systems such as Joint Direct Attack Munition-Extended Ranges (JDAM-ERs) and High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HiMARS) Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) rockets which typically fall back onto good grade Inertia Navigation System for navigation solution (albeit with degraded precision) when GPS fails; and
  • Jamming/spoofer detection and explore some possible quick-fixes Ukrainians may use to mitigate Russian GPS interference for their summer counter-offensive.

Knowledge shared in this workshop could be useful for military GPS users/practitioners/ planners who have a professional imperative to understand vulnerabilities of their systems with GPS dependencies, and ways to overcome them when dependencies are attacked by adversaries in this evolving cat and mouse game.

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 Mr Bill Eng

Mr Bill Eng

BILL ENG graduated from Cambridge University with honours in Physics in 1982 and Masters in 1986. He started experimenting with GPS navigation and timing solutions for enhancing battlefield efficiency and precision in the early 1980s when GPS constellation deployment was still in its infancy. He went on to develop his first GPS real-time receiver in late 1980s followed by pioneering work to develop GNSS jamming and spoofing techniques and their countermeasures, some of which were well ahead of their time, earning him Tech Excellence Awards for his achievements.

In 2000, Bill developed an adaptive anti-jam antenna array for GPS which was successfully flight-tested against powerful Russian GPS jammers, and this was later extended to providing adaptive anti-jam beam-forming capability for communications datalinks. In 2005, Bill invented and demonstrated precision-targeted GPS spoofing, anticipating the navigation warfare community and industry by 6 years before Iran famously hijacked a CIA drone with GPS spoofing/com-jam in 2011.  Besides steering guided drones/munitions off-course, this pioneering work can potentially disrupt synchronization of comms networks and comm-intelligence sensors.

Bill has collaborated with LTA on studying GPS jamming/spoofing and their implication for ERP toll collection. He is also a fintech entrepreneur, winning the prestigious MAS fintech awards twice (2016, 2020) and collaborated with many renowned financial institutions on AI solutions to capture and extract conversational intelligence from social chats and predicting market turning points amongst other things.



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