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Naval Postgraduate School Systems Engineering Advanced Technology Studies


TDSI has the pleasure to invite Professor Bonnie Johnson, distinguished research professor at the US Naval Postgraduate School to share her latest research works on “Directed Energy Warfare: Artificial Intelligence for a Cognitive Laser Approach” and “Understanding the Role of Emerging Technology Capabilities for Strategic Deterrence”.

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Research Professor, Systems Engineering,<br>US Naval Postgraduate School Prof Bonnie Johnson

Prof Bonnie Johnson

Research Professor, Systems Engineering,
US Naval Postgraduate School

Prof Bonnie Johnson is a leader in systems engineering research at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS). She joined the NPS systems engineering department in 2011, coming from the defense industry working on naval advanced research programs. She completed her PhD at NPS in systems engineering in 2019, expanding the field of systems science with anew theory on engineering complex adaptive systems of systems. Bonnie leads an active set of research initiatives, applying systems analysis and complexity theory to study emerging technologies for a spectrum of naval warfare areas including directed energy systems, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, cyber warfare, and wargaming decision aids. Earlier this year in March 2023, Bonnie was the guest editor of the American Society of Naval Engineer’s Journal on “Future Hybrid Warfare for the Naval Fleet.” In 2022,Bonnie was awarded the NPS Richard Hamming Award for Interdisciplinary Research. Bonnie has authored 4 book chapters and over 25 journal articles.



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