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MDTS 2022 Student Seminar
Student Thesis and Integrated Project Presentation


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The MDTS Student Seminar Series is a platform for graduating MDTS students to present their thesis and integrated projects, which they did at the partner university. The seminar also provides further research and collaborations opportunities with the local defence community.


Student Thesis Presentation

Cranfield University

  • Perceived Utility on Federated Learning for Defence
    By MAJ Ong Jian Jie (Army)

Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)

  • Optimizing Ammunition Management in Singapore
    By ME5 Chea Wei Tien (Army)
Tea Break and Student Poster Exhibition

Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)

  • Identifying Probable Maritime Piracy Events Using Maritime Incident Data
    By Mr Yeo Jun Yi (DSTA)
  • Incorporating of Model-Based Systems Engineering into The Vee Model To Aid In Reducing The Time Required For The Design Cycle of A Military Tank
    By Mr Thng Lianquan (ST Engineering)
Integrated Project Presentation

Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)

  • Multi-Domain, Manned-Unmanned Littoral Denial System
    Presented by MAJ Justin Kwan (Navy) and MAJ Charles Loh (Army)


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