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MDTS 2020 Student Seminar
Student Thesis and Integrated Project Presentation


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The MDTS Student Seminar Series is a platform for graduating MDTS students to present their thesis and integrated projects, which they did at the partner university. The seminar also provides further research and collaborations opportunities with the local defence community.


Integrated Project Presentation


  • Analysis of Rare Earth Element Supply Chain Resilience During a Major Conflict
    Presented by Mr Alvin Chan (ST Engineering), Mr Marcus Tai (ST Engineering), Mr Jason Yap (DSO)
Student Poster Exhibition
Student Thesis Presentation


  • Mechanical Behaviour of Cold Sprayed Cu-Ni Coating
    By ME5 Adrian Chua (RSAF)
  • Model-Based UAS-UGS IED Clearance Mission Engineering
    By CPT Robert Justin Morales Naquila (SAF)
  • Strategy to Improve the Trust Between Humans and Artificial Intelligence Enabled Air and Missile Defence (AMD) Systems
    By MAJ Peh Ming Hui (SAF)

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