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Rapid Weapon Development


The need to insert commercially available technology into warfighting systems rapidly has been proven in Ukraine and Gaza. Drones and counter drones have become a subject in daily reports of the two wars. The theory and practice of rapid insertion of technology into warfighting will be discussed. The case study on the building of TRD to develop and produce counter drones as System-of-Systems will be presented by Mr Sam Ong, founder and chief executive officer of TRD Systems. Mr Ong served as weapon staff officer in the Singapore Armed Forces and was deeply involved with weapon systems planning and development before his retirement.

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Temasek Defence Professor<br>Temasek Defence Systems Institute<br>National University of Singapore Professor Lui Pao Chuen

Professor Lui Pao Chuen

Temasek Defence Professor
Temasek Defence Systems Institute
National University of Singapore

Prof Lui retired in 2008 after serving 41 years in MINDEF in various appointments and as Chief Defence Scientist in his last 22 years’ service. He continues to contribute his expertise professionally as member of various committees in government agencies, universities and corporations. He is a member of the steering committee for the development of Tuas Port and a member of Executive Committee for Airport Development (ECAD) and the Technology and Systems Committee of Changi Airport Group. He is a member of the International Advisory Panel of the Aviation Transformation Programme Committee (ATPC). He chairs the advisory council of the Singapore Space Technology Ltd. He is an adviser of LTA on Technology and chairman of the Development Projects Advisory Panel, Ministry of Finance. He chairs the board of directors of Sembcorp Specialised Construction and the management board of Singapore Nuclear Research and Safety Initiative (SNRSI). He is the chairman of the Maritime Innovation and Technology (MINT) Fund Steering Committee.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, TRD Systems Pte Ltd Mr Sam Ong

Mr Sam Ong

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, TRD Systems Pte Ltd

Mr Ong is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of TRD Systems, which is headquartered in Singapore with offices in ASEAN and middle east. TRD Systems produces Anti-Drone systems and offers a full range of man portable, mobile and fixed site integrated solutions known as the ORION Anti-Drone System that has been used in more than 30 countries including NATO Forces. Prior to founding TRD Systems in 2011, Mr Ong served in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) for more than 25 years, inclusive of Army Weapon Staff and Head Armour Plans as well as 3 years with the US Marine Corps at their War Fighting Lab to develop new capability for Counter Terrorism and Emerging Threats. His main area of work in SAF spanned across a broad spectrum of operational concept formulation and requirement definition, R&D planning, technology and capability development program management. He attended the Singapore Defence Management System Course (DMSC) in 2005 and holds a MSc in Defence Technology, UK Royal Military College of Science, under the Singapore Army Weapon Staff programme. Mr Ong and his TRD team started their Anti-Drone research and development efforts in 2014 when drone threats were virtually unheard of. Today, TRD Systems has expanded from a homegrown entity to a leading global Anti-Drone Solutions provider. The ORION Anti-Drone systems have presence around the world in various segments, from safeguarding vital installations such as oil and gas and international airports, to VVIP force and event protection as well as military applications. Mr Ong has been recognized as one of the Global Thought Leaders for the world of Anti-Drone and he has spoken at various international forums.



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